As a pioneering solution provider at the beginning of deregulation, the delivery of outstanding results for utility metering clients continues to this day.

How? Because we put the needs of our customers first and focus our energy on protecting their position in the marketplace. As a result, we serve the greatest number of utility companies, big and small, across the UK.

Fully compliant

Whether you’re a giant in the utility arena or just starting out, working with the right data flow and market messaging software partner is paramount to your success. Wheatley Solutions’ products are fully compliant with industry standards and accreditation, cheerfully ticking every box on a very long list.

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Experience tells us that customers benefit hugely from our expertise, efficiency, reliability and flexibility.  That’s because we’ve been around for longer than any other utility metering software provider. Work with Wheatley Solutions and see your business thrive.

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You can rely on us – here’s why:

  • At the very start of the utility market deregulation in the UK, Wheatley Solutions identified a niche to create pioneering utility metering software
  • To this very day, Wheatley Solutions maintain a respected and prominent position at the forefront of the industry
  • Wheatley Solutions' meticulous - and ongoing - understanding of dataflows, market messaging and metering assets results in extraordinary levels of customer retention
  • This expertise, across all complexities, continues to attract new business, from very large companies to new market entrants
  • Because Wheatley are fastidious in keeping up with regulatory compliance and market changes, we remain knowledgeable, nimbly pursuing new and innovative ways to ensure our customers stay ahead of the curve
  • Customers value Wheatley Solutions’ input and advice because we absolutely understand the balancing and settlement of codes to expedite scrupulous communication between parties
  • Holding open and honest conversations with customers is an example of Wheatley Solutions’ integrity, even if this results in turning away business


This is our middle name – here’s how you benefit:

  • Our employees are accomplished and competent, resulting in a business model that is decisive and productive – no frills, all action
  • Manual customer interventions are minimised by using Wheatley Solutions' products because our proprietary software is built to continually validate market information
  • Wheatley Solutions’ product development and construction is steered by users and market needs. As such, software is designed that precisely follows customer and industry processes, guaranteeing that our customers are efficient in their metering activity
  • To help customers judiciously manage regulation changes in a cost-effective and timely manner, Wheatley Solutions host a forum with customers to facilitate this and bring about necessary product adaptations
  • Because the support team is in-house, our response is adept, and our operating systems are precise and methodical
  • Collaboration with customers is encouraged to deliver the most appropriate solutions through continuous R&D


Millions of flows rely on us and you can too:

  • Six of the top ten utility giants in the UK use Wheatley Solutions’ products, either directly or through their supply chain
  • Millions of meter interactions rely on us day in, day out, year in, year out
  • Customers who come to Wheatley Solutions stay with us
  • For many, Wheatley Solutions is a one stop shop, providing products and services that are trustworthy, reliable and hard working
  • Wheatley Solutions proactively secure full accreditation for their products to meet with industry regulations and can also provide support for their customers to do the same
  • You can relax in the knowledge that every member of staff at Wheatley Solutions is a thinker, equipped with a great deal of know-how
  • Our UK based, in-house support, is another example of how peace of mind is delivered to customers; we’ve always got your back


We can adapt to our customer needs – have a look:

  • Wheatley Solutions is not a company that stands still. We evolve existing solutions to keep up with, and stay ahead of, changing market and metering needs
  • By operating an open-door policy, Wheatley Solutions encourage collaboration with customers and other innovators to devise the best results to achieve this
  • When new opportunities appear, we place ourselves at the forefront, developing innovative options to suit customer needs
  • Fresh, award winning solutions suitable for the recently deregulated water meter market is evidence of our agility and adaptability

Wheatley Solutions’ project management abilities are very professional and knowledgeable, and I have very much enjoyed working with them.

They have clear line of sight and strong mechanisms in place to drive a project forward and maintain momentum while also encouraging cohesion and good moral between project partners.

Wheatley are very good at being able to see both the higher-level scope and micro level details of a project – which allows for risks to be picked up that might otherwise have been missed.

In the future I wouldn’t hesitate to work with them again.

Nancy Smith Communications and Engagement Executive - Water Resources East

Wheatley Solutions’ have shown that they understand the idiosyncrasies of the industry. They have been there to help from day one and have been like an extension to my team.

Sarah Hayes Chief Operations Officer, Solace Utilities

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