Business Continuity Policy

Wheatley is committed to implementing and operating an appropriate Business Continuity Management System (BCMS) in full compliance of ISO 22301, formed of policies, processes and controls to ensure we remain committed to improvements for ourselves and our customers.

The primary objective of the BCMS is to ensure that Wheatley fulfils all its business continuity obligations to customers and other interested parties.

The BCMS provides the framework and sets the objectives for identifying and controlling business processes and procedures through the implementation of operational controls and continuous improvement. This framework maximises our potential to successfully implement our business continuity strategy and fulfil our obligations to customers and other external parties, such as suppliers and business partners. It provides all interested parties and customers with the confidence in the event of a business continuity event Wheatley have in place the necessary procedures and processes to mitigate any resulting effects.

Wheatley’s business continuity strategy is to be always able to implement the Business Continuity Plan within the maximum tolerable outages documented in the BIA/RA, as these determine the time frames and priorities for the resumption of business as usual activities. The business continuity strategy is also focused on mitigating the business continuity risks identified by the business by putting in place mitigating actions to reduce the likelihood of disruption and by using the Business Continuity Plan to document the identified actions needed to limit the impact and time period of any disruption that occurs.  Wheatley also determine and plan for the resources necessary to achieve its business continuity strategy through the formal allocation of Business Continuity roles to certain employees, through the investment in mitigating business continuity risks to within the tolerable risk appetite, and through the delegated authority given to the Business Continuity Team in a business continuity situation to reallocate internal or external resource and /or to purchase the necessary equipment or services to meet business continuity objectives as documented in the BIA/RA and to maintain to main the business continuity strategy as stated in this policy, without requirement for further approval.  

We recognise that our business relationships require on-going commitment to achieving business excellence at every level of Wheatley and its supply chain. Wheatley actively strive to continually deliver a high level of service and customer satisfaction.

Wheatley senior management ensure the company maintains business continuity in terms of:

  • Understanding the needs and expectations of interested parties – assign roles to ensure Wheatley comply with appropriate laws, customer, supplier and employee expectations
  • Leadership – ensuring management commitment to the policies and objectives of the BCMS
  • Planning – ensuring that business continuity objectives are understood and eventualities have been planned for and mitigation strategies are in place
  • Support – the business will provide the necessary resources to ensure the BCMS is effective
  • Operation – The organisation will plan, implement and control the processes needed to meet the requirements of the BCMS
  • Evaluation – Wheatley will continuously evaluate the effectiveness of the BCMS
  • Improvement – Wheatley will continuously improve the BCMS in line with business, customer and supplier requirements.

Senior management will ensure that the appropriate action plans and mitigation strategies are in place and are fit for purpose, that all staff are aware of how the BCMS may affect them and what actions they should take in the event of a business continuity incident.

It is the senior management team’s responsibility to continually monitor business continuity within the business.

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