Quality Management Policy

Wheatley is committed to implementing and operating an appropriate Quality Management System (QMS) in full compliance of ISO 9001:2015, formed of policies, processes and controls to ensure we remain committed to improvements for ourselves and our customers.

The primary objective of the QMS is to ensure that Wheatley fulfils all its quality obligations to customers and other interested parties.

The QMS provides the framework and sets the objectives for identifying and controlling business processes and procedures through the implementation of operational controls and continuous improvement, thus maximising our potential to fulfil all quality obligations to customers and other external parties, such as suppliers and business partners. It provides all interested parties and customers with the confidence that we can meet our obligations in a controlled and manageable way.

We recognise that our business relationships require on-going commitment to achieving business excellence at every level of Wheatley and its supply chain. Wheatley actively strive to continually deliver a high level of service and customer satisfaction.

Wheatley senior management ensure the company maintains a quality approach in terms of:

  • Control – using agreed procedures and processes
  • Review – to regularly review and update as required these processes and procedures
  • Confidentiality – ensuring only authorised persons have access to information.
  • Integrity – ensuring the validity, accuracy and completeness of information.
  • Availability – ensuring information, software solutions and systems can be accessed by authorised persons when needed.
  • Regulation – ensuring all applicable laws and regulation regarding UK businesses and the utilities sector are adhered to.
  • Objectives – ensuring objectives are set appropriate to peoples’ responsibilities and that these meet the needs of the business
  • Resources – ensuring resources are available to enable people to meet their objectives
  • Continuous improvement – ensuring the business is committed to continuous improvement
  • Satisfying requirements – ensuring the business satisfies all necessary requirements to meet the needs of the interested parties

Where non-conformities within the QMS are observed, senior management will ensure that the appropriate corrective action is applied in a timely manner and the effectiveness of any actions are monitored until the non-conformity has been fully removed. This includes process changes, organisational changes and any disciplinary sanctions required.

It is the senior management team’s responsibility to continually monitor quality within the business.

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