Business 101: Always Look to the Future

As a company we are regularly involving colleagues across the business in idea generation and design thinking in order to move the company forwards and discover the products of the future. There have been times when our thinking and ideas have required a little more time and effort and as such are little more than concepts at this stage. Wheatley Insights has been launched as a platform designed to share our knowledge and our data, showcasing our thinking and ideas. The ultimate vision for Wheatley Insights is to share this knowledge with others, and that others will share by engaging with us.

Over time we hope that Wheatley Insights will evolve and grow, ultimately becoming an interactive and insightful place to be. If you want to find out more about any of the ideas, data or concepts we feature on Wheatley Insights, or if you want to share any of your own ideas with us then please do get in touch.

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