Facing the Water Dragons

Water Breathing Dragons!

Yesterday, Simon Murray our Water Market Development Manager had the pleasure of pitching our Pinpoint app to a panel of  judges know as "The Water Dragons"! Organised by The Future Water Association this was the final round of the competition, which provides a platform for innovate ideas that solve real problems in the water industry to be tested in front of a panel of industry experts and receive feedback and publicity for the idea.

Simon's pitch shared the benefits Pinpoint is bringing to engineers in the field. Developed in collaboration with Bristol Water plc Pinpoint helps to accurately locate assets in the field, giving engineers information about that asset, as well as the ability to update and capture further information to improve operational efficiency and the quality of market data.

Pinpoint functionality for finding meters and capturing data.png


Setting the scene with a list of the challenges facing the market at the opening of competition for business and non-domestic water customers back in April 2017, Simon highlighted to judges the importance of regular and accurate meter reading within a competitive market. With feedback from the field and published market data he was able to demonstrate how much time and money the market is wasting in inefficient meter reading. As at the end of February MOSL have stated that the number of meters that haven't been read in over 12 months stands at 14.8% and the number that haven't been read in two years is now at 5%. Wheatley estimate that this costs the market in the region of £12m per year in industry fines, inaccurate billing and operational inefficiency. In many cases the meter can't be read because it can't be located or the property no longer exists, but industry data still states there is a meter to be read.


This is exactly the problem that Pinpoint is designed to address. To improve meter asset management and operational efficiency Pointpoint:

  • Aligns with market data held on CMOS​

  • Complies with current Codes of Practice​

  • Includes a unique distance & direction finder for meter location​

  • Has the option to simply find “all nearest to me”​ assets

  • Can hold unlimited geotagging, observations & photos against meter​

  • Displays the last 12 months of meter reads, showing:​

    • Daily average​ consumption

    • Colour indication of highest & lowest consumption levels​

  • Delivers notification of record updates​

  • Utilises a cloud hub to manage & access data​

  • Works on & off-line​, so efficiency is maintained even in remote areas

  • Updates CMOS data via the trading party for improved data quality.


Simon went on to share a case study that illustrated the difference Pinpoint can make. One Retailer supplying within Bristol Water's region has faced more than one fine for being unable to read a meter on a particular property, that used to be a pub. Using Pinpoint the engineer was able to visit the site and use the coordinates of the meter (held within the CMOS data) via Pinpoint to demonstrate that the meter was no longer there. He was also able to take photos of the whole site itself and nearby planning notices to demonstrate that the pub had been demolished some time ago and the site was being prepared for use for different purposes. This evidence was easily and accurately gathered in one short visit and was used by the Retailer to update CMOS and avoid further fines.

With such a positive message the Dragons turned out to be very friendly and not at all fierce. We now wait until April to hear whether Simon's presentation tipped the scales in favour of Pinpoint as the Dragon's idea of choice.


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