Gas, Electricity and now...Water!

Gas, Electricity and now...Water!

As long term players in the utility market Wheatley are well experienced when it comes to handling millions of data flows a year, as well as building software to help relationship and workforce management in gas and electricity. So when it was announced that the water market was opening up to competition it seemed natural for Wheatley to explore entering this area too.

The first step in this adventure was to acquire someone with previous experience working within the water market, someone who could provide real-life insider knowledge to help assist us in building solutions for the water market. That’s when we found Simon Murray – the ideal candidate to help with our new adventure.

Simon came to Wheatley in late 2016 with an impressive backlog of working in the Simon Murray.jpgindustry – totalling over 20 years of experience! Having worked for one of the largest water companies in England, Affinity Water and one of the largest service providers - Veolia, he has had a variety of roles including responsibility for customer billing and leading on the smart water metering initiative. He’s even sat on and chaired several groups and networks to assist development in the area.

Wheatley know and understand the importance of effective business processes in a competitive market and we are keen to develop our Water Solutions with this in mind. So far our first solution - officially named Emerald, has been built to enable crystal clear communication between water retailers and wholesalers when the market opens up. This is where Simon has come in very useful, highlighting the requirement for communication to be as clear as possible in an industry that has never experienced such levels of competition before.

As a result, Emerald has been designed to manage all Open Water communication through a single, secure web-based portal available to multiple users and supported by a full audit trail of activity and message exchange. But that’s not all, Emerald does manage communications, but it also plugs many other gaps too – it’s a complete relationship management solution for the water market.

At Wheatley we truly believe the experience and knowledge our employees bring with them is absolutely instrumental to the development of all solutions we build for our customers. After all, we want to get it right for them, not a close fit, but a complete fit. It’s that approach too which means that we would rather understand the pain points and struggles in order to build something truly helpful. Whilst we are starting with Emerald, we know we can build solutions to help in many areas of the water market – perhaps you have some insight and wouldn’t mind speaking to us to help us understand how we could help you.


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