Innovation with Northumbrian Water

Some of the Wheatley team spent a very enjoyable, informative and productive week in Newcastle last week, attending Northumbrian Water’s Innovation Festival 2017.

Wheatley stand at NWGInnovationFestival.jpg


The Innovation Festival was a long way from our HQ in Suffolk and also a long way from the traditional corporate events we often attend. But how refreshing!  Our 6 hour journey was rewarded with an extremely warm welcome from organisers and delegates alike and an atmosphere not unlike a summer music festival!  
Despite the obvious enjoyment of all those attending lots of serious thinking and idea generation took place, covering topics as broad as living and working in 2030 and how all stakeholders can work together to reduce flooding.  Six “Design Sprints” took place over the course of the week and involved teams of people from diverse backgrounds to understand the problem and generate solutions, through divergent thinking, convergent thinking, prototyping and validation.  Some great ideas were generated and some extremely valuable and thought-provoking conversations were held, regarding the challenges that not just Northumbrian Water, but the water market generally face now and in the future.
More details of the event, including a photo gallery can be found here at Northumbrian Water's Innovation Festival site and Wheatley would like to take the opportunity to thank Northumbrian Water for the opportunity to take part.  Such a large scale event takes a considerable amount of effort to organise, but to keep up the energy levels and enthusiasm for a whole week too is an extraordinary achievement!

Congratulations on a great event – Wheatley thought it was a very novel and inspiring way to engage with the industry; to share our market knowledge and to better understand how our solutions can serve the water market of the future.

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