They've done it again!

Quick – disaster has struck in the office on a Thursday afternoon at 15:32 hours. What do you do?

Ok, so of course it depends on the type of disaster, but seriously, what would you do? Would you know what your business continuity plan is? Would you know who is responsible for disseminating information through the office in the event of the continuity plan being invoked?

Continuity planning is essential for pretty much every business, making sure you have an up-to-date plan of action and a process that is understood by every staff member could make all the difference should an event occur. That’s why there’s an ISO certification for Business Continuity Planning (ISO 22301). And Wheatley are very proud to share that we have recently passed ISO 22301 certification with flying colours! We mean that too, there was not one single non-conformity found during the two-day audit, and the auditor even went as far to congratulate the company on its performance and management and control of our Business Continuity Plan.

So that make three successful audits leading to three certifications in just over 12 months; ISO 27001, ISO 9001, and ISO 22301!


Well done team! Right then, what’s the next one going to be...?

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