Today's the day!

Today’s the day! The water market has opened to competition for non-retail customers (aka businesses not households). Up until now your water provider has largely been dictated by where you are located and there was no choice in the matter. However, the government decided to change that and today is the day that change is put into motion.

A business of any size, using any amount of water, can now shop around for the best deal – just like we do with electricity and gas providers, insurance providers and such like. There are several reasons that competition in the water market could be a good thing to businesses, including:

-    Lower bills
-    Better value for money
-    Improved customer service
-    Better water efficiency
-    Extra services for your business
-    If you run a multi-site business, you can choose one supplier rather than managing several suppliers.

There is a concern that many businesses are completely unaware of the change though, which is leading to worries that the expected level of switching in the water market is way too high and many businesses won’t switch for years to come. It’s purportedly going to be a really easy switching process, so it’s worth having a look to see if you could save any money by going to someone else.

Of course one of the main reasons the government has opened the retail market to competition is to test the appropriateness and processes before opening the household market up to the same competition – the aim is for households to be able to choose their water supplier before the end of the decade. But this is still being discussed and largely depends on the success, or otherwise, of the retail market competition.


If you want to find out more about the market opening, you can visit the Open Water website, or speak to your water supplier to find out more.

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