A collaborative project...

Designed as a simple-to-use app, SPIDm allows the collection of and access to important information associated with water and sewerage supply points. Currently our colleagues at Wheatley are developing the app, and are enjoying working with Bristol Water to ensure we capture exactly what would be most useful to the end users of the product.

So far, the features we are including are the easy amendment of supply points/meters by simply clicking on an interactive map and capturing co-ordinates, photo capture of supply points for a visual record and an easy way to quickly report any issues using a selection list.

When SPIDm is built and in use by water organisations, it is our goal that there will be a big improvement in data accuracy, ultimately leading to a much greater confidence in the bigger data sets available to water companies. For end users the benefits will be numerous, such as giving them the ability to find SPIDs much easier and quicker than ever before, and a big reduction in unnecessary second visits which used to occur due to poor or ambiguous data.

By working in collaboration with Bristol Water, we know we can create a product that really works for the industry and brings noticeable benefits.

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