Young Water Dragons

As members of the Future Water Association, we often receive communications from them with the latest events, initiatives and news. A recent one piqued our interest and has resulted in us now officially supporting a fantastic initiative, all to do with the future of utilities.

The initiative itself is called Young Water Dragons and aims to find the future creative thinkers, leaders and entrepreneurs for the water sector. And the reason it is such an important initiative is because of the crisis looming for the utility sector, and especially for water. According to the Future Water Association, the current average age of the sector means that by 2024 water companies will need to have replaced their entire workforce, and therefore the time has never been better to speak to young people and show them quite why a career in the water sector could be the path for them.

For Wheatley, our number one aim of supporting this initiative is to speak to schools and young people and get them thinking about technology for water. Every one of us are consumers of water and deal with water companies – if the water sector struggles to attract future talent and falls below customer expectations, it could have some disastrous consequences – not just for businesses directly involved with water companies, but for households across the country.  

Let’s hope the initiative really helps bring water to the attention of schools all over, and if Wheatley can be a part of that, then we’re pretty happy.


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