What is Amethyst?

Amethyst User Log InAmethyst is Wheatley's flexible, web-based Asset Management application, delivered through a range of hosting options. It is designed to interface with your existing software tools for efficient billing and operational management.

Amethyst comes with the inclusion of a comprehensive reporting dashboard as standard and the ability to pre-set your own reports or share asset data with other analysis tools.

Amethyst can provide you with all the asset information you need when you need it.

Wheatley's Amethyst software is a purpose built, comprehensive tool for proactively managing, tracking and processing metering assets together with all associated data.

The key functionality of Amethyst includes:

  • Stock management
  • Ability to manage serialised or non-serialised equipment
  • Management of meters and metering related items
  • Life cycle tracking
  • Management of asset allocation
  • Ability to interface with other Industry systems and auto management of data flows
  • Identification and tracking of responsible Energy Suppliers
  • Ability to monitor completedness of income (allocation of non-meter costs against billable items etc.)
  • Firmware management
  • Billing data generation
  • Comprehensive interrogation and reporting capabilities
  • Ability to manage multiple contracts and trading partners
  • Failure rate analysis
  • Warranty management
  • Full audit and history capabilities


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Amethyst is an industry specific tool proven to offer customers a robust solution that incorporates all industry and operational requirements relevant to the efficient and effective management of meters as assets.

Why Wheatley and why Amethyst?

Wheatley's long standing energy industry expertise means that Amethyst has been designed to seamlessly receive and transmit all necessary data flows as an integral part of the application, with the information exchanged set out to be easily accessed and understood by the user.

Amethyst has been specifically designed and built for use by Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) both for Asset Funders, who wish to manage their investment and Asset Providers who manage the day to day logistical operations of those assets.

A complete history of dataflows specific to an MPAN or MPRN are easily available and searchable within the solution. Amethyst can also readily utilise other data exchanged under bi lateral contract arrangements with other parties, such as manufacturers and test houses to support the effective and efficient tracking, management and control of assets throughout their entire asset life cycle.

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Additionally the solution can be used to manage any serialised or non-serialised equipment. All assets are based on an Equipment Specification that can be entered into the system via the GUI. Specific attributes can also be configured for any given Equipment Specification allowing the capture of a wide varitey of information for any given asset, meaning Amethyst can be tailored to work for your business and your priorities.

As the industry prepares for the ramp up of Smart Meter deployment Amethyst has been developed to reflect the needs of MAPs under various contract arrangements and division of responsibilities between the MAP, MOP/MAM and Energy Supplier market. Our solution helps make sure that all meters are tracked and managed allowing for maximum operational efficiency against multiple contracts.





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