What is ASSIGN?

ASSIGN is a scheduling solution which works to allocate jobs to mobile utility workers in the most accurate and productive way. The solution takes into account each worker's skill set and location, existing bookings and available resources.Workforce management.png

Using a unique algorithm, ASSIGN can work with very small appointment windows, to dramatically increase productivity.

What's more is that ASSIGN uses GPRS to send work order information from the field in real-time, making it incredibly easy to manage on-the-job requirements and emergencies.

ASSIGN is the most cost effective way to help your workforce get to appointments on time and complete more jobs each and every day.

Additionally, the solution can be scaled from small or medium sized field forces right up to large enterprise installations and can interface with a customers' existing back office solution to maximise the effectiveness of the entire operation.

ASSIGN can assist you in delivering operational excellence by:

    Gas meter worker.png
  • Allocating the right team to the right job at the right time and with the right equipment
  • Never sending operatives to a job they cannot complete
  • Reducing mileage and travel times
  • Providing office staff with an immediate view of job details and ability to approve for invoicing without the traditional wait associated with operative’s paperwork
  • Protecting workers and reducing incidents by enforcing health and safety compliance
  • Getting more done in less time, resulting in improved workforce motivation and operative productivity

If you have more than ten operatives or teams on the road, then ASSIGN’s intuitive, sophisticated and cost-effective task management software will help to drive improvements in your operational efficiency.

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