As a company, Wheatley understand that the key to success in a competitive market is effective business processes and clear communication. Emerald has been designed to do just that, managing communications and workflow between parties to ensure that processes are followed with consistency, visibility and traceability.

emerald1-laptop.pngEmerald automates the data and communication exchange to reduce friction between trading parties and to ensure smoother operation and improved service to end customers. The solution facilitates bi-lateral exchanges between trading parties using simple but effective workflow and messaging services.  What's more Emerald can validate information provided on the market forms in real-time; meaning that information exchanged is free from errors and your business no longer wastes valuable time and effort investigating missing or incorrect information. As well handling the prescribed forms and market processes, Emerald also includes direct messaging capability to handle any operational interaction in a controlled and cost-effective way.

Our solution delivers workflow with a difference. Emerald can define the desired step required at every stage of even the most sophisticated process, accommodating variation and user discretion in a controlled and intelligent way, whilst still adhering to and reporting on market KPIs.

Useful across a range of industries Emerald has been developed from Wheatley’s long-standing expertise in providing metering management tools. Emerald has a utilities pedigree that makes it a valuable tool for optimising metering and connection-based operations, resulting in operational efficiency and high levels of customer service.

Emerald can manage communication through a single, secure web-based portal, available to multiple users and supported by a full audit trail of activity and message exchange.

A portal approach provides more functionality than just prescribed processes and forms, including direct, real-time messaging, and instant visibility of current and historic interactions.


Emerald is cloud based and is securely accessible anywhere.

The solution can be customised to assign user roles and to make the application customer specific. Full mobile capability also means that forms can be raised and messages exchanged directly from the field, increasing the speed of communication and improving operational efficiency. Emerald can also be integrated with data capture or work management apps, to make it a centralised tool for data collected in the field.

emerald2.jpgWith Emerald you can bring consistency to your communication and operations, giving your and other third-party partners, suppliers or customers the ability to submit forms and work to agreed processes. Multiple communication channels and the ability to utilise a range of file types means that Emerald can communicate with any other user as required.

There is no need to invest in additional infrastructure either as Emerald can exchange information with your existing business solutions and is delivered through a range of flexible and scalable hosting options to suit the size and priorities of your business.

Let Emerald:

•    Remove data errors
•    Reduce operational effort
•    Improve customer service
•    Increase operational flexibility to operate from any location
•    Exchange information between any necessary parties
•    Provide a full audit trail of all your communication
•    Comply with pre-specified rule sets





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