Wheatley's JUMBO solution is JUMBO User Log Inour flagship product and performs a full spectrum of Meter Operator (MOP) and Meter Asset Maintainer (MAM) operations for electricity, gas and dual fuel.

JUMBO is available to use as a stand-alone application or to integrate seamlessly with Wheatley's other metering solutions. The solution can be used for an end to end MAP MOP/MAM process or can allow the separation of roles to different customers, where the process is shared through the supply chain.


Why would I use JUMBO?

  • JUMBO is specifically designed for the sending and receiving of all BSC/DTC and RGMA data flows, as well as options for future DCC information
  • The product is fully compliant with industry standards
  • It can be used for large and small customers alike
  • JUMBO doesn't just send and receive industry data flows, Wheatley's proprietary solution automates process of messaging exchange, meaning that minimal intervention required
  • Wheatley's long-standing experience in the UK utilities metering sector means that JUMBO can be delivered as an off-the-shelf solution configured to include standard workflows designed for business efficiency
  • Customer specific configuration can be included at set up and as required to support ongoing changes to customer business priorities.

What's more, JUMBO increases your efficiency by effectively managing data ambiguity and industry messaging timing errors. JUMBO validates data flows, sorting and prioritising using intelligence analysis of before and after events to hold workflows until the valid data is available. It will only prompt for user intervention where there is a risk of disruption to the desired workflow or missing critical data. JUMBO's inbuilt knowledge base of the MOP/MAM industry negates the need for complex workflow configuration and improves business efficiency through minimising time spent investigating and manually processing exceptions.

Features of JUMBO:

  • "Contracts" based solution to handle multiple customer contracts
  • Management of churn between contracts
  • Flexible to any number of supplier contracts
  • Standard workflow built on experience of common industry work practices
  • Full life cycle history retained for all assets (even if MOP/MAM role churns to alternative supplier)
  • All data captured available for MI/analytics
  • PARMS reporting capability in order to facilitate MOP BSC compliance.

Combined with our support for market accreditation and flexible and transparent approach to hosting and licencing Wheatley's JUMBO can offer you true competitive advantage in a complex and fast paced market.





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