Pinpoint screens.pngDesigned as a simple-to-use app, Pinpoint allows the collection of and access to important information associated with water & sewerage supply points (SPIDs) and a range of other utilities assets.

Our skilled teams have developed an easy to use app, based on our long-standing metering expertise to ensure it delivers useful functionality in the field through an intuitive user interface.

So whether in a busy city centre or the back of beyond, field engineers can easily find what they are looking for and capture the information required to benefit all stakeholders.

poinpoint app.pngPinpoint works in both on and off-line modes, offering reliability regardless of location. The features include geo-location, tools to take the user right to the asset, easy amendment of the asset location through drag & drop on an interactive map, correction of data and capturing GPS co-ordinates, photographs, observations and other useful information.

Pinpoint is designed to deliver a big improvement in data accuracy, ultimately leading to much greater confidence in information held for any type of asset, for whatever purpose. For end users the benefits are numerous, such as giving them the ability to find assets much more easily and quickly than ever before and a big reduction in unnecessary second visits which used to occur due to poor or ambiguous data.

Pinpoint can be used as stand-alone solution or integrated with other applications, such as Wheatley’s Emerald application or third-party tools for the central management of data gathered from any number of sources.

Wheatley are experts in data management software and our software captures and manages data in the field for both energy and water utilities companies.

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