MOP/MAM industry wide domestic and I&C metering

Wheatley MOP was pioneering, becoming synonymous with the market. Evolving into Wheatley Jumbo as a dual fuel solution, it is still used by many powerhouses of the industry today. Designed for the bigger utility companies, this clever software performs a full spectrum of Meter Operator (MOP) and Meter Asset Maintainer (MAM) operations, either as a stand-alone application or integrated seamlessly with Wheatley Solutions’ other products. It can be applied as an end to end MAP MOP/MAM process or it can allow the separation of roles to different customers, where the process is shared through the supply chain.


The valuable truth behind this product.

  • Wheatley Jumbo supervises customer and technical details for meter assets across a utility company’s entire distribution area
  • Integrated dual fuel functionality for all MOP/MAM DTN and RGMA data flows and all classes of meter
  • Comprehensive management of all MOP/MAM operational data flows, for half-hourly and non-half hourly metering
  • Customer configuration can reflect individual business processes and meter portfolios
  • Intelligent automation enables a handful of staff to run multi-utility meter operations to service millions of meters – handling tens of thousands of flows per day
  • At the heart of Wheatley Jumbo is its work interface. Jobs can be raised and made available to external work management systems or printed on work orders is its work interface
  • Incoming data is fully validated before it enters the system
  • The required data flows are automatically produced on job completion
  • User-intervention is prompted for flows that cannot be automated
  • Full audit trail. Wheatley Jumbo automatically writes every significant event (e.g. who changed what and when) to an audit log, which ensures transparency and compliance
  • The Wheatley Jumbo software suite includes modules for contracts, audit and a full data flow history, allowing for performance monitoring


Indisputable facts that put you in front.

  • Built specifically to process the data flows and manage the assets for the UK's electricity and gas suppliers, Wheatley jumbo intelligently automates meter operator industry processes, releasing metering service companies to be truly competitive in the UK’s utilities metering market
  • Wheatley Jumbo full back office support gives suppliers or metering service companies every confidence that metering operations and industry obligations are handled effectively and efficiently
  • Wheatley Jumbo supports synchronised metering operations, through integral workforce management capability (e.g. single site visits) giving the potential for significant operational savings supports
  • Self-programming feature responds to regulatory protocol changes, yielding on-going operational savings
  • Fully compliant with the latest utility industry data protocols, with the opportunity to benefit from best practice through a long-standing product user group
  • The most comprehensive MOP/MAM software solution in the market – focused on streamlined data processing to guarantee market obligations are met

Would Wheatley Jumbo suit my business?

My business operates under a number of MPIDs, can Wheatley Jumbo handle this?

Yes, Wheatley Jumbo can handle multiple MPIDs (Market Participant Identifiers). In addition, Wheatley Jumbo uses the concept of ‘Contracts” to allow for multiple sets of SLAs and commercial arrangements with energy supplier customers.

Can I use Wheatley Jumbo for half hour and CT metering work?

Yes, Wheatley Jumbo can support the full range of BSC Code of Practice metering. It can handle the data flow requirement of both whole current and current transformer, CT, meters. Wheatley Jumbo can hold and handle the meter technical details for both SVA and CVA meters and also supports other elements of ‘complex metering systems ‘, for example CTs, VTs and data outstations.

We intend to transfer a large portfolio of meters into our business, can Wheatley Jumbo handle this?

Yes, Wheatley Jumbo is used by some of the largest meter operators and has demonstrated its ability to handle large ‘Bulk Transfer” operations for meter portfolios with multi-million meters / meter points on behalf of energy suppliers. As well as a proven ability to handle large transfer operations, Wheatley Jumbo has a track record of managing the day to day operations of portfolios of several million meters and supporting large field workforces, call centre and data handling teams.

What industry information does Wheatley Jumbo handle?

Does Wheatley Jumbo handle industry data flows?

Wheatley Jumbo’s core function is as an industry messaging system handling all Meter Operator flows as required by the BSC/DTC and RGMA. Wheatley Jumbo does more than just send and receive industry messages, however. It has evolved into a sophisticated tool to automate many of the processes required in response to industry flows and requests. Its business logic has been evolved over many years by working with some of the industry’s most successful and largest meter operators.

Can I use Wheatley Jumbo for dual fuel installations?

Yes, Wheatley Jumbo can be used for both single fuel and dual fuel installations. Wheatley Jumbo can be used to provide an integrated tool for meter operator businesses providing a full MOP/MAM service or can allow the separation of roles to different organisations in the value chain allowing close integration and increased efficiency in data handling.

Does Wheatley Jumbo support Smart Meters?

Yes, Wheatley Jumbo can process both traditional and smart meter data requirements. Wheatley Jumbo is maintained to ensure it is always compliant with any changes in industry data processing requirements. A user group meets regularly to discuss any industry planned changes and, together with Wheatley Solutions, considers the optimum way to implement the changes. Subject to the decision of the user group, this may go beyond just implementing the mandatory change and could include changes and additions to ‘business logic’ built into Wheatley Jumbo to allow the increased efficiency in the business processes impacted by the changes.

Can Wheatley Jumbo provide DCC data access?

The Smart Metering Code does have a role, Registered Suppliers Agent, RSA, for meter operators that allows access to certain flows and information managed by DCC. RSAs act on behalf of the appointed energy supplier and the energy supplier is held responsible for their actions at all times.

Whilst some energy suppliers may request their MOPs to be RSAs, most consider it more beneficial and cost effective to share the information with their MOPs as necessary. (Suppliers must be users of the DCC so the cost of DCC compliance is unavoidable for them).

Wheatley Jumbo and BSC Qualification

I need to gain BSC Qualification, will I be able to do this with Wheatley Jumbo?

Wheatley Jumbo is a very well-established MOP messaging application and has been used by Meter Operators since the creation of the competitive metering market. As such it has built a reputation as a solid and reliable tool MOPs can rely upon. It is well known by industry auditors who are familiar with its scope and functionality. The qualification process covers more than just the messaging system used and how data is processed and stored. It includes the business processes surrounding the data handling, the experience and competency of the organisations management team for example, but by using Wheatley Jumbo you can be confident you have a proven, tested and well established tool to cover the industry messaging aspects of the MOP role. Wheatley Solutions have helped many of our customers through the Qualification and Re-Qualification process and are experienced in what this entails and how to produce the test scripts and evidence required during the process.

I understand it can take a while to pass the BSC MOP Qualification process, does Wheatley Jumbo help me achieve this quickly?

Wheatley Jumbo is well known in the industry by both users and auditors alike. Whilst the Qualification process goes beyond the IT applications used, the data handling and retention is a big part of the Qualification process. The use of Wheatley Jumbo can give a large degree of confidence that the application used is well tested and has been extensively exercised across many years and customers. In addition, Wheatley Solutions have in-depth experience in helping customers prepare for, and successfully complete the Qualification process. We can support you in the understanding of the requirements, getting to grips with Wheatley Jumbo, preparing test data and scripts, executing test scenarios and presenting the evidence.

Wheatley Jumbo functionality

Can Wheatley Jumbo validate industry data flows?

This is the functionality at the heart of Wheatley Jumbo. Wheatley Jumbo will validate both the flow structure and the content of the flow, ensuring both meet industry standards and is the correct flow at the correct time. Wheatley Jumbo increases your efficiency by effectively managing data ambiguity and industry messaging timing errors. Wheatley Jumbo validates data flows, sorting and prioritising using intelligent analysis of before and after events to hold workflows until the valid data is available. It will only prompt for user intervention where there is a risk of disruption to the desired workflow or missing critical data. Wheatley Jumbo’s inbuilt knowledge base of the MOP/MAM industry negates the need for complex workflow configuration and improves business efficiency through minimising time spent investigating and manually processing exceptions.

Will Wheatley Jumbo help me identify where data flows or responses are missing or overdue?

Yes, where data flows are missing, fail validation or cannot be automatically processed, for example related to a meter point the business is not appointed to, the flow will be routed to User Intervention for manual investigation and follow up.

Does Wheatley Jumbo provide management information and reporting functionality?

Wheatley Jumbo is a mine of information, covering both the meter asset and meter operations. It retains a full life cycle history of attributes and events, going well beyond the mandatory data retention requirements of the industry. All of this data is made available for management information, analytics forecasting and scenario analysis.

Can Wheatley Jumbo help me complete my mandatory PARMS reporting obligations?

Yes, Wheatley Jumbo holds the information necessary for PARMS reporting, to enable a meter operator to meet the BSC requirements. PARMS reporting can be prepared by the customer using the information provided within Wheatley Jumbo or Wheatley Solutions can offer an additional service to prepare PARMS reports on behalf of the customer and remove the headache of the complex reporting requirements.

Can I manage stock with Wheatley Jumbo?

Yes, Wheatley Jumbo can track assets from the initial order, through delivery, installation and subsequent removal at end of life. Stock can be loaded into the system in bulk, via use of ‘advanced shipping notices’ or via bar code scanning. Use of data uploading at the point meter assets enter the company can be used to associate the relevant meter technical details with the individual asset at day one, minimising the need for data capture in the field later and improving data accuracy. The meter stock can also be matched to forecast work requirements based on the meter portfolio and data flow instruction allowing forward forecasting of stock requirements.

We have another product in our range for MAPs that may be of interest to you – Wheatley Amethyst.

How do I load assets/stock into Wheatley Jumbo?

Meter and other assets can be loaded in bulk via CSV files, scanned individually, or details can be entered directly into the system.

We have another product in our range for MAPs that may be of interest to you – Wheatley Amethyst.

Making Wheatley Jumbo work for you

Is Wheatley Jumbo an ‘off the shelf’ MOP/MAM solution or can it be configured to reflect our business processes?

Wheatley Jumbo can be provided as a standard ‘ready to go’ MOP/MAM solution. Customer specific configuration can be included at set up and as required to support ongoing changes to customer business priorities.

I have heard Wheatley Jumbo is complicated to use?

Wheatley Jumbo is an application suited to large or small meter operators. Wheatley Jumbo doesn’t just send and receive industry data flows, Wheatley Solutions’ proprietary solution automates the process of messaging exchange, meaning that minimal intervention is required by users. However, it is a sophisticated tool and to get the best from the system users do need to have an understanding of the industry requirements and a familiarity with the requirements of the industry data flows. Wheatley Jumbo goes well beyond basic metering industry messaging and integrates with many of the business processes associated with the instructions sent and received via data flows. As such Wheatley Jumbo is an ideal tool for those businesses who already have a good grasp of their key processes and how they operate.

What is the difference between Wheatley Jumbo and your new Wheatley Sapphire Meter Operator application?

Wheatley Jumbo, and its single fuel electricity variant MOP, has been around since the beginning of competitive metering services. At the start of the competitive market, the incumbent metering business, part of the network operators, had large portfolios of typically several million meters and it was normal for these businesses to host and operate their own IT equipment. In addition, these already mature business wanted additional business processing, reflecting their established ways of working to be built into the solution. Wheatley Jumbo reflects these requirements and the development of activity and processes over several decades. It is a sophisticated solution capable of supporting large scale operations, ideally suited to operatives with prior knowledge of the industry requirements.

Wheatley Sapphire by contrast has been built to offer MOP/MAMs a Software as a Service (SaaS) solution to fit with changing customer infrastructure strategies. It is designed to help new users get familiar with the data processes. It is simple to deploy, learn and operate. Wheatley Sapphire reflects our years of experience serving some of the largest and most successful metering business and repackages this experience in a modern simple to use application.


How is Wheatley Jumbo hosted?

Wheatley Jumbo utilises a local client connected to a server-based Oracle database. You can choose to host yourself or we can arrange and manage hosting for you.

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