Meter Asset Providers

Wheatley understand that Meter Asset Providers (MAPs) juggle complex priorities to effectively manage a portfolio of meter assets.

Wheatley's long-standing experience in providing metering software gives us a unique insight into the needs of the market and the priorities of the different parties involved in the provision and maintenance of meter assets.

Features of our Asset Management Solution:

  • Web-based
  • Fully flexible
  • Easily interface with other business tools
  • Real-time or historic billing information
  • Allows portfolio valuation using trend analysis and modelling
  • Helps predict and proactively manage depreciation and ROI
  • Fully compatible with industry data flows

"We work closely with our customers to configure our software to their requirements and business objectives so that what we offer works for them and their customers"

Benefits of using Wheatley's Asset Management Solution:

  • Increased operational efficiency
  • Proactive management of firmware
  • Proactive management of warranties
  • Proactive management of off-the-wall meters
  • Allows users to predict and proactively manage depreciation and return on investment.

Wheatley's flexible, web-based asset management solution Amethyst manages all types of meter assets and the related metering equipment for both Asset Funders and Asset Providers, and is fully compatible with industry data flows so you can access and configure the information you need to increase the efficiency of your asset portfolio. Find out more here.

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