Meter Operators

Wheatley have supplied market messaging solutions to Meter Operators (MOPs) since the market was opened to competition.

In fact, for many in the utilities market Wheatley MOP is eponymous with the MOP process for electricity supply the solution was designed to automate.

With the later introduction of competition to the gas supply market Wheatley were also at the forefront of providing market messaging solutions to Market Asset Maintainers (MAMs) to enable the supply of gas and dual fuel options to industry requirements.

Today Wheatley is arguably the most experienced provider of software solutions for MOPs/MAMs in the market and with a management team that still includes those responsible for designing and delivering our first and subsequent solutions we have unrivalled knowledge of the DTN/RGMA flows that enable market participation. Our deep domain market expertise means our solutions are enabling our customers to fulfil the UK smart meter roll out and we are DCC ready as the data available to the market evolves.

Why would my company use Wheatley?

Unlike other solutions in the market Wheatley's messaging solution doesn't just enable the transfer of metering data flows, it uses sophisticated, proprietary algorithms to apply business logic, sorting and managing exceptions within flows to minimise user intervention. 

In addition to this..:

  • Wheatley have unrivalled knowledge of the DTN/RGMA flows
  • We have supplied market messaging solutions since the market opened to competition
  • We offer end-to-end MOP/MAM solutions that integrate seamlessly, e.g. management of meter assets that feeds into your workforce management solution which automatically responds to your workflow to connect industry dataflow information with the required tasks in the field
  • Wheatley offer hosting options that meet all industry security requirements and are experienced at helping customers decipher Elexon requirements for the Electralink connection required and industry accreditation
  • Flexible models for all or part of our MOP/MAM solutions, for example a cost effective SaaS (Software as a Service) model, to meet your needs

Plus, as an added service Wheatley customers not only benefit from the most comprehensive and long-standing solution available; they also have access to Wheatley's expertise and collective industry best practice through membership of the Service Management User Group (SMUG), which meets regularly under Wheatley facilitation to share the impact of industry required process changes, delivering members both cost savings and operational gains.

Benefits of using our Meter Operator solution:

  • Business logic is applied throughout the solution using sophisticated, proprietary algorithms
  • Applying the logic allows the solution to sort and manage exceptions within flows to minimise user intervention
  • The solution can be tailored to fit effectively within any size of organisation
  • We offer flexible hosting options

To find out more about Wheatley's JUMBO product for MOPs and MAMs, click here. Or if you would like to find out more about our SMUG group or any of our other solutions, please use the form on the 'Contact Us' page or the button below.

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