New Entrants

Up to date knowledgeFor new entrants, whether you know a little or a lot, there is no better way to learn about the industry than to speak to the industry experts. No patronising, no complicated wording and we promise we will not leave you feeling more confused than when we first spoke.

Wheatley have been in the utilities industry for 25 years now and have built up a wealth of knowledge and expertise. Many of our first employees are still with the company today and are always happy to advise customers old and new on the complexities of the ever-changing utilities market. 

All of Wheatley's solutions are scalable to customer needs and we have a range of hosting options that meet market security requirements. Wheatley can offer cost effective solutions for all sizes of market participants, from new market entrants to large well-known brands. All of our software has been built to respond to proven operational practices and with the ability to configure customer applications Wheatley can assist in tailoring your business operations to suit your priorities. With extensive experience of gaining market accreditation and Wheatley-led product user groups to ensure industry compliance and the sharing of best practice we work in partnership with our customers at every step of the way.

Whatever your size and market aspirations we are uniquely placed to assist you in arriving at solutions that fit your processes, your budget and deliver your competitive advantage.

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