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April 2017 saw the introduction of competition through the Open Water programme which enables non-residential customers to choose their water retail services for the first time. Not only does this deliver value for money, businesses can also select their water retailer based on customer service and tailored solutions.

The speed and accuracy of all communication with MOSL, the central market operator, is critical to business efficiency and customer service, regardless of whether this communication occurs through bilateral agreements or through the exchange of information and the validation of forms between water retailers and wholesalers.

As a company, Wheatley have over 25 years of experience in delivering effective, industry compliant market messaging solutions to the UK energy sector and have deep domain expertise in developing mission critical solutions that enable supplier switching for end customers. Wheatley's energy market messaging solution is at the heart of the supplier switching process for more than half of the gas and electricty market.

Wheatley combine a focus on system security and industry compliance with a strong understanding of the needs of our customers and their solution users. Experience in the electricity and gas market has shown us that the changes brought about by the introduction of competition doesn't just stop after the go live date - business process change becomes a constant necessity to ensure competitive advantage through efficiency and service excellence.

That is why our solutions are always configurable to individual customer requirements, can be set up with minimum effort and integrate with existing customer infrastructure.

Such change also enables new entrants to offer water retail services to the market and Wheatley is well placed to support all retailers through a single, web-based solution to facilitate all types of market communication.

To find out how SMEs have reacted to the introduction of competition in the water market, Wheatley commissioned a survey in May 2017. One aim was to be the first study to be conducted following the deregulation of the water market - which we achieved.

Knowing that much attention has been paid to the water companies themselves, Wheatley wanted to try and find out how the deregulation might be seen by those companies that this affects – the businesses that can now switch. So how do SMEs view the opening of competition? And does the physical location of the SMEs affect how they see the open water market? All of the survey results can be seen by going to www.wheatleyinsights.co.uk - from here you can use the filters to tailor results and even download our whitepaper which summarises the findings.

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