Metering Workforce

Building solutions for the utility industry is what Wheatley do, and what we have done for the past 25 years. Maximising the efficiency of the workers in the field is just as important to Wheatley as maximising the efficiency of data flows. That is why we also have a powerful workforce management solution to increase workforce efficiency and customer satisfaction.

What abilities does the solution have?

  • The ability for a supplier to pre-book appointments for Electricity and Gas customers
  • Overall control of services available to users
  • The ability for a supplier to pre-book appointments over the internet or via a Windows client
  • Scheduling of jobs raised via industry data flows
  • The ability for an operator to query, add or amend entries into the work schedule for confirmed appointments
  • The organisation of the work schedule based on a location, e.g. lat/long numbers or postcodes
  • The output of the final schedle to an external system for distribution via handheld (optional) or by a printed worksheet
  • Receipt of information through handheld device.

Other companies offer solutions for Workforce Management, why would I come to Wheatley?

Wheatley developed the solution specifically for the utilities industry. The entire solution has been built with knowledge and experience gathered over the three decades of operating alongside utility companies.

Plus, our workforce management solution dovetails into some of our other solutions, giving you a complete package overall. Several aspects of our workforce management solution communicate with other solutions, such as our Meter Operator solution.

Wheatley specialise in utilities products, we are not just another workforce management provider, we speak your language and build our tools with you in mind.

A powerful internet-based scheduling and appointment booking solution is the most cost-effective way to help your mobile workforce get to appointments on time and complete more jobs each day. If you would like to learn more about our solution, click here.

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